10 Best Things To Do In Ho Chi Minh City

10 Best Things To Do In Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh city played an important role in the Vietnamese war and is located on the southern side of the country. It is a city most famously known for its historical landmarks and is commonly known as Saigon.

If you’re planning to travel to this city, here’s a list of 10 best things to do in Ho Chi Minh City:

1. Notre-Dame Cathedral

Notre-Dame Cathedral

The Notre-Dame Cathedral is a historical landmark built in the late 19th century and is a reminder of the bygone era this city has witnessed. This cathedral was built entirely from materials imported from France. A Virgin Mary statue also stands in front of Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral, which locals claimed to have shed tears in October 2005.

2. Central Post Office

Central Post Office

Your next stop in Saigon should be another famous landmark – the Central Post Office which is only on a walking distance from the Notre Dame Cathedral. It is also a remnant of the French colonization in the city and boasts the same French architectural features.

3. Opera House

Opera House

Another historic building that offers tourists the real-life experience of how the city was during the French occupation is the Opera House Theater built in 1897. A lot of restoration efforts have been invested on preserving this building and it offers tourists the opportunity to enjoy good old opera performances right in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City.

4. Jade Emperor Pagoda

Jade Emperor Pagoda

The Pagoda was built in the 1900s by Taoists and Buddhists and is made of ornate carved panels, delicate designs for the interior and has a roof terrace with a statue of Quan Am known as the Goddess of Mercy.

5.War Remnants Museum

War Remnants Museum

There are few museums in anywhere convey the brutal effects of war on its civilian victims so powerfully like this. The ground floor of the museum is devoted to a collection of posters and photographs showing support for the antiwar movement internationally.

The photos of the struggle of soldiers and daily life in the city taken by world renowned photographers during the great American war and is sure to bring tears to your eyes. This somewhat upbeat display provides a counter balance to the horrors upstairs.

6. Independence Palace

Independence Palace

Also known as the Reunification Palace, is the place for history nerds to must visit. It is the same building where the famous pictures of tanks breaking gates in 1975 during the fall of Saigon were taken.

7. Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels

When planning on things to do in Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi Tunnels are a must visit place to relive the experiences of soldiers in the war times. The tunnels were built by soldiers to move around the city undetected by the enemy and now have become a popular tourist attraction.

8. Botanical Gardens and Zoo

Botanical Gardens and Zoo

The Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens can be found in the same park and are often covered with the same entrance fee. Therefore, if you’re going with children, these two places are definitely worth visiting.

9. Haggle in the Markets

Haggle in the Markets

Tourist Tip: Don’t ever buy anything without haggling in the market. When visiting Saigon, the two must go markets are the Cho Ben Thanh and the Cho Lon Chinese market.

10. Eat Street Food

Eat Street Food

Vietnamese food is one of the best street foods you will ever try. It is rich with flavors and has a great variety of things to choose from. Besides, you don’t really travel to a city and not try the street food.

If you’re going to Saigon, this list should be enough to make sure you make the most out of your journey.

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