Hanoi Food Guide – What To Eat And Where To Eat

Hanoi Food Guide – What To Eat And Where To Eat

When you reach Hanoi, there are two things that come to your mind. One is that it is crowded with the street wanders, traffic and narrow streets and other that it is the best place for the food lovers. The problem is not where to find good food in Hanoi, the problem is that there are so many places to choose from and so many delicious dishes being offered. What to eat and from what place. Thankfully our Hanoi food tour will make your trip to Hanoi much more enjoyable.

  1. Grilled Beef Noodle Salad at Bun Bo Nam Bo

When you hear the words ‘grilled beef noodle salad’ the first thing that might come to your mind is what is so special about that, it sounds very simple. Actually, you wouldn’t know until you are trying it out and you can taste the beef, pickles, herbs, and peanuts in your noodle salad. You will understand then how it is not so simple and how delicious of a dish it is.

Grilled Beef Noodle Salad at Bun Bo Nam Bo

You can add sauces to it according to your taste and you might even like to go as far as to bear in it, depending on your taste buds. Bun Bo Nam Bo is a must go place and is usually packed with customers.

  1. Traditional Pho – Pho Bat Dan

Traditional Pho – Pho Bat Dan

Pho is a local dish in Hanoi, which if you have never tried would make you wonder that what it is. It is similar to soup in our culture with chunks of beef in it. Though super casual, Pho Bat Dan is one of the best restaurants in Hanoi. People usually like having Pho for breakfast and as the people of Hanoi are early risers, you would see queues forming at 6 AM in front of Bat Dan. Pho Bat Dan is located at 49 Bat Dan street, Cua Dong ward, Hoan Kiem district, Ha Noi.

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  1. Fish at Cha Ca Thang Long

Fish at Cha Ca Thang Long

If you are a fish lover then don’t miss visiting this place, it said to be the most famous dish in Hanoi. It is so popular that even a street has been named after the dish. The fish is cooked with herbs and the oil is blended in such a way that the aroma of the dish fills the place and leaves you yearning to taste it. This is a must try in the Hanoi food tour. 

  1. Banh My Doner Kebab Anh Nguyen

Banh My Doner Kebab Anh Nguyen

If you are an American or an Indian and it has been too long since you tried some typical fast food and want to taste something similar then this place is your answer. Banh My Doner offers something similar to bread roles or sandwiches which have kebab fillings. It is a small stall in Hanoi and as soon as you pass by it, it will remind you of the typical stalls found in Asian countries.

  1. Cong Caphe

Cong Caphe

If we are embarking on a journey of Hanoi food tour then let’s not forget dessert options for those with a sweet tooth. Cong Caphe is a must visit with not only an amazing theme as a decor but the Coconut Ice Cream coffee too that is served at this place.

  1. Vietnamese sticky rice

Vietnamese sticky rice

Sticky rice may be the ultimate Hanoi comfort food. We especially like the version at popular Xoi Yen, where they flavor the glutinous rice with green mung bean paste and lots of chicken fat. Topped with meat and paired with a cheap bottle of beer, Hanoi sticky rice is a true guilty pleasure. You can enjoy this delicious dish at Xoi Yen located at 35B Nguyen Huu Huan street, Ly Thai To ward, Hoan Kiem district, Ha Noi.

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