Guide To Visiting Ayutthaya Historical Park

BK Ayutthaya holds great importance in history because of strong empire. It was once the second capital city of Thailand, Sukhothai being the first. It was known widely because of its excellent trading therefore called Trading hub. It was a home to millions of people but unfortunately people lost it after it was burned down to the ground by Burmese in 1676.

This humongous historical park is situated 80km to the north of Bangkok. You can take a bus, train or even a boat to get a different experience. A bus will take 1 hour 10 minutes while a train is going to take 1 hour 15 minutes to arrive in BK Ayutthaya.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Ayutthaya Historical Park?

November to January is the best time to visit this park since Thailand remains hotter for most of the year and only gets a little pleasant between the said months. December is also a good time to make a trip to this place but then again, nobody really likes to deal with crowd. Nonetheless, the weather would still be humid and hot! Keep in knowledge that the season from July to October might give a little trouble because it is the wet season that might put hurdles in your visit.

Since, it doesn’t really get cold in Thailand so you will have to deal with a little heat and sunlight. A hat along with sunscreen would serve as the best shield for your face allowing you to enjoy the trip.

Historical Temples and Sites

Since, this park is stretched for immeasurable lengths, therefore some people hire a tuk tuk or rent a bike for a comfortable journey while other prefer walking down to the sites and temples in the park. It would take 2 to 3 days at most for you to visit the entire place because there are more than 10 temples and up to 365 momentous ruins present for sightseeing. Following are some of the sites you must visit.

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1. Wat Mahathat

It is known as the Temple of great Relics. It was built in 14th century and was famous for its religious activities. It has a quincunx situated in the center by the formation of four small prangs and a central prang which is surrounded by a gallery and courtyard.

2. Buddha Head in Bodhi Tree Roots

When BK Ayutthaya was wrecked by Burmese, a Buddha head was found entangled in the roots of a huge tree, since then it has become a site worth seeing.

3. Wat Ratchaburana

Also, called the Monastery of the Royal Repairs. This site is in way better condition than Wat Mahathat. One of its special sites is the Crypt, which can be seen with the help of a staircase where ruins, relics and precious stones are found.

4. Wat Lokaya Sutha Temple

The special thing about this temple is the monumental image of the reclining Buddha on its western side.

5. Wat Phra Si Sanphet

Being the most religious temple, it has plenty of Buddha images in the Monastery which are made up of gold. Wat Phra Si Sanphet is the largest temple in Ayutthaya and is situated in the former royal palace. The 3 distinctive stupas are the postcard image of Ayutthaya and are one of its most beautiful ruins. The size of the complex really opened our eyes to the scale of the old city and how magnificent it must have been in the past.

Apart from these spectacular sites, Ayutatthaya Historical Park also takes a major part in celebrating Songkran Festival and Loy Krathong. If you wish to visit Thailand, don’t forget to mark down these places for it will be worth an experience!

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