13 Interesting Facts Related To Angkor Wat

Located in Cambodia, Angor Wat is the world’s largest religious monument. This mere temple complex veils a resonating history that explorers and visitors from all across the world desire to reveal. Angor Wat possesses a divine aura which is thrilling to its core, and attracts over 2 million tourists annually to visit the most famous UNESCO World Heritage Site.

1. It Was Actually a Temple

Angor Wat is converted temple. It was originally constructed as a Hindu temple in the 12th century, devoted to the god Vishnu for Khmer Empire. Later on, it transformed to Buddhist temple.

2. One of the Best-Preserved Temples, Nevertheless

Angor Wat may be a temple of ruins but it is known to be one of the best-preserved temples, whose religious significance is secured till this day.

3. Cambodia’s Cultural Hub

Angkor Wat is Cambodia’s pride. Without Angor Wat, Cambodia’s culture remains bleak. It is not only on the flag of Cambodia but is also its symbol.

4. It Has Another Name Too

Angor Wat has an alternate name; Nokor Wat. It literally translates to “temple city” or “city of temples” in Khmer. The original name of Angor Wat was Vrah Vishnuloka or Parama Visnuloka which translates to “House of Vishnu” in Sanskrit.

5. Death Rituals?

The archaeology of Angkor Wat is unique for its direction’s orientation. Angkor Wat faces the west which is unusual since it is associated with death in Hindu culture.

There are numerous other indications that depict that the temple is correlated with death rituals.

6. Religious Beliefs About the Palace

Previously it was believed that Angkor Wat was originally planned to be constructed as a palace by Indra, for his son Precha Ket Meala.

The temple was built to represent the holy mount Meru, the home of the Hindu Mythology lord of Brahma and the demi-god Devtas.

Another ancient belief became increasingly popular once that the temple was constructed over night by a divine architect.

7. The Rich Interior

The interior decoration primarily takes form of bas-relief friezes.

Many scriptures and mythical pictures remain that tell of the temple’s origin in Hindu religion. Higham has called these as “the greatest known linear arrangement of stone craving”.

The bricks of the temple are not held together by cement or mortar, instead the ancient constructors used an invisible vegetable compound.

There are small traces of paint present on the walls of Angkor Wat. It was once entirely painted.

8. A Crowded Place

Summer is not the busiest time of the year to visit Angkor Wat, however you can never get away from the crowds of Angkor Wat. People frequently come to pay homage and pray in the temples.

9. Proudly Showcases Khmer Architecture

Angkor Wat is considered to be the best example representing the classical style of Khmer architecture.

10. About the Wooden Bridge

The main entrance of the temple is replaced by a wooden bridge long after the bridge was constructed.

11. More Ground

The temple is raised higher than the surrounding cities.

12. Standing Firm at Its Place

It has faced numerous natural disasters and damage and yet stands firm to the ground revealing a dramatic picture. Some temples of Angkor Wat are surrounded by forests whose plants have overgrown on the walls of the temples.

13. It is the Main Attraction in Cambodia

Talk about popularity. Many tourists visit Angkor Wat solely for experiencing the place with their own eyes. It’s that good. However, it doesn’t mean Cambodia lacks in anything. It just tells how much an impact Angkor Wat has on the city’s tourism.

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