6 Interesting Things To Know About Ayutthaya Before Visiting

6 Interesting Things To Know About Ayutthaya Before Visiting

Ayutthaya is one of the most frequently toured places of Thailand. Its culture-rich sensation is ever-pleasing and enlightening to the uninformed, yet even the most educated on Ayutthaya’s history are left astonished at the marvels sitting in the grounds of the heritage sites of the city. Here are 6 interesting things to know about Ayutthaya before visiting.

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Once home to over a million people, BK Ayutthaya was at the foremost position in the race of industrial revolution. Its blooming advancement in trading was regarded in the most esteemed positions by all empires until its glory was finally laid to rest in 1767 by the Burmese. Today, all that’s considered to be left of it are torn temples and vacant historic buildings. But one could not be any more wrong; here are a few things that you need to know before visiting Ayutthaya.

1. The Dark History

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Once home to a million is now home to less than 60,000. BK Ayutthaya was burned crisp to the ground back in 1700s, and since then not many people call Ayutthaya their home as their once used to. But to those whose home is still within the boundaries of Ayutthaya give a civilized feel to it. Not only is Ayutthaya a renowned heritage site but also a little town of bustling shops and decent homes with energetic activity all around.

2. You May Not Find Too Many English-Speaking Natives

Most Thai people understand and speak enough English to assist you. However, in Ayutthaya not many people understand English, so you may face a little difficulty communicating with the locals. The people of Ayutthaya are incredibly nice and hospitable, they will accommodate you with whatever help necessary.

3. Renting a Bike is a Favorable to Roam Around the City

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Rent a bike while taking a tour across the city. The temples are located within certain distance which is bound to exhaust you if you travel on foot. There are tuk tuk services available but they will keep you from taking in the ruins of the surrounding mid-way between the temples. The roads are smooth, and they offer no insurance on bikes because it is a place safer, where insurance on bikes is considered unnecessary.

4. The Place is Hot

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Take your sunscreen with you. BK Ayutthaya is an incredibly hot place, and serves as a perfect tourist site to get your vacation tan from. The sun of Ayutthaya is merciless and will not spare you just like that. Take care of yourself; wear sunscreen; stay hydrated; take breaks while touring the city; and buy yourself some ice-cold tasty popsicles.

5. Be Careful of the Animals

The temple ruins are inhabited with rats, bats, mosquitoes and other troublesome animals. However, as much as they are harmless, at night the street dogs (soi dogs) take charge of the city. The soi dogs are not to be messed around with, they are everywhere so be careful as to not step on them. You might end up in an emergency.

6. Let the Natives Do What They Do

Buddha’s statues are regarded in the highest of esteems in Thailand, and BK Ayutthaya is no exception. You will see people bowing to the statues while they move past them. Be careful as to not show any sign of disrespect to the culture or the people of Ayutthaya.

The Small Town Feel is Gold for Many

If you think Bangkok is crowded place, then you may not about this historical site. If you are looking for a place to visit that is not crowded with people, you have found one.

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