5 Most Popular Things To Do In Ayutthaya

When you think about tourist spots, you look for a vibrant life. That is not what will attract you to BK Ayutthaya though! This is the home to some of the most beautiful and fascinating ruins of Buddhist culture. You have got to visit this place if you want to know exotic histories and love taking pictures with good-natured monuments!

1. The Tourist Information Office

We know you are too good for tourist offices, but this will give you the best way to see where you are going. They will provide you with a free map to all the sites in the city, and it will come with highlights!

They also have this fantastic exhibition in the city that tells you the story of Ayutthaya; the rise and fall of the town along with the live and heritage. It’s a great start to your journey into the temples and sites as it will enhance your experience of visiting these shrines.

2. Wat Phra Mahathat

This is a cool ruin to begin your expedition. It is a Buddha’s head inside a tree. It is fantastic to visit as an ancient ruin, but of course, this is just the beginning of a great journey.

3. Wat Phra Si Sanphet/The Grand Palace

It has three enormous chedis all in one line. This is the official symbol of Ayutthaya, and you will see it on many spots. They are huge and very fresh for picture purposes! It used to house a Buddha that was covered on one third a ton of gold. When the place was raided by Burmese army; they merely melted the gold and took it with themselves!

The largest Temple of the city, it is one thing you must visit while in BK Ayutthaya.

4. Wat Chaiwattaranaram

This the best temple to visit in town. Pagodas surround the sizeable central chedi. You can climb up the tower and view the whole city. It is very calm and vast experience to visit.

5. Wat Phutthaisawan

This one houses the infamous reclining Buddha; the temple is located on the banks of Chao Phraya and is still an actual temple. First of all; it does not have any visiting fees, and secondly you can watch it live in action. There is a beautiful courtyard with hundreds of unharmed Buddha statues and some ruins in the back along with a critical prang. It is a great way to see how all other temples had looked when they had not been plunged and plundered.

Temple Fees in Ayutthaya

All of the sites have their visiting fees that is paid at the entrance. There are a few exceptions that are mentioned above. Usually, the fee is twenty baht for the regular temple and fifty baht for more visited temples.

We hope that this travel guide helped you, enthusiasts! Bk Ayutthaya is a great place to make memories.

Who Should Take Tour To These Places?

The best thing about these four temples is that you can tour them in daytime and have night time spare with you to fill with many other memories. You can visit this wonderful destination with friends to discover the beauty of Thai cultures. Also, a trip to Ayutthaya is a good choice for family who want to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere after long and tired hours at work and at school. It would be an interesting experience for your kids. The trip promise to live up to your expectation.

With the incredible scenery and its peacefulness, Ayutthaya Historical Park should be in the must-visit list for anyone who are planning to travel to Thailand. We hope that you will enjoy your trip!

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