5 Best Things For Kids To Do In Bangkok

Kids are surely important in every family and it’s complimentary to take your kids to tours and amusement places. Here some of the best places for kids you can visit in Bangkok.

1. Bangkok Funarium

It’s a fun packed place that certainly has a lot to offer to little kids. It is worth mentioning that Funarium is centrally air conditioned without the intervention of hot climate outside. You can refuel your energy at the exotic café area; there are lots of delicious eatables you can enjoy. Creative arts centre along with other fun activities will make your time fly in minutes. It is highly recommended that the children up to the ages of 10 years should definitely visit Funarium Bangkok.

2. Kidzania Bangkok

You can take your kids to this mesmerizing place and sit around watching them play with a cup of coffee in your hand. It’s a miniature fun city having a lot of activities for the kids. It has a total of more than 70 different activities for your kids. Firefighting is the best one among all the others, your kids can experience being a fire fighter and defend their KidZania Bangkok city under fire. They can earn money by performing the activities well and can spend it on buying anything they like.

3. Dream World

Thai Theme Park of simply the Dream World resort was opened in the year 1993. It has different activity zones mainly comprising of Dream World Plaza, the mesmerizing adventure land, the striking Fantasy land and the Dream Gardens full of lush green vegetations all around. Your children can cruise and enjoy fun-packed over forty rides and thrilling activities. The hanging roller coaster is above all. Model river-rafting is a memorable experience. Cable car, sightseeing train, speedy mouse, the hurricane ride is among the best activities.  

4. Fantasia Lagoon

It’s a secret water park at the top of the famous Bangkok malls; Bangkae Mall and Bangkapi Mall. They are identical to each other, with identical activities around. It has pools that can facilitate the toddlers, grownups as well as the adults. Waterfalls, small-large pools, whirlpools can take you in the world of water games. The tall slides provide you the thrilling yet exotic views of the city skylines. It’s an economical park with a lot of activities; you don’t have to pay heavy charges for enjoying your day out there.

5. Siam Park City

The oldest theme park in the Southeast Asian region, Siam Park City is located in over 120 acres of land. It has a lot of activities and it was once recognized as the largest theme park in the Guinness Book of World Records. Siam Park City has a great museum, multiple family rides, African-Jurassic Adventures, exotic scout camps, 30 different rides like vortex etc. World’s largest wave pool, water slides and fun packed water activities. The exciting looping roller- coaster ride with amazing 50 inversions and curls. You must take your kids to this amazing amusement park.

Bangkok is total cultural immersion! You will love it, and so will your kids. However, you should prepare them beforehand about the Buddhist monks, Buddha, and give him a simplified rundown of Buddhism. Buddhists really value modesty so even the little ones have to have their shoulders covered and pants down to the calf when visiting sacred sites. You need to also make sure to teach them the “Wai Greeting” before you go so they will be aware of how Thai people say hi. It will be a highlight for your children during the trip!

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