8 Top-Rated Places In Thailand To Visit

For all of us the dreaming, lovely tourist place which provides everything in one site, is Thailand- a dream holiday destination. The city thrills with jungle adventures, mountain hiking and biking options, sensational cocktails and a bit of beach time. A best choice and place for fun experience and more importantly to convert your holidays in memories.

Here we introduce you to the worth praising and much more to be explored places of Thailand.

1. The Beauty of Thailand Islands

The world’s most beautiful and gorgeous scenery along the beaches, the splashing sound of water and its lovely color, the beauty of the islands in Thailand features a never-ending charm. It provides a sense of recreation not only you but your soul as well.

2. Bangkok – The Fascinating City

Everyone’s bucket list in Thailand is to explore one of the busiest ports in the world. The dancing nights of Bangkok, excellent local food, high tower buildings with colorful lights at night attract tourist towards itself. The undeniable charm of Bangkok is familiar to everyone!

3. BK Ayutthaya

Presumably, a beautiful place surrounded by the rivers also called Sian, is Ayutthaya. One of Thailand’s ancient cities, UNESCO-listed, BK Ayutthaya is located 80km far from Bangkok and is a real place to explore and get fascinated.

4. The Wonders of Chiang Mai

Want to enjoy local Thai culture? Then have a visit to the Chiang Mai city. It is famous for purely and ancient Thai culture with the cheapest market. Also, don’t miss to visit Wat Chedi Luang and Wat Phra Singh temples of the city, the real wonders of the land that will leave your jaw drop with amazement.

5. Phuket Fascinations

Phuket is heaven for water sports lovers and enthusiasts. From fishing, boating, snorkeling to the jet skiing, deep sea diving and coral exploration tours, you can have benefit to being there to the fullest. Before leaving it don’t forget to visit Phuket town that has old and beautiful buildings.

6. Visit Railay

The small peninsula residing in the southern region of Thailand is enriched with the beautiful blue color sea surrounded by massive mountains. Its scenery is often featured on postcards, having white-sand beaches and small, hidden coves along with its cutting mountains and a lot more. These all scenic views are just a few to mention that are attracting climbers and tourists from all over the world.

7. Mae Hong Son

Pay a visit to the serene land of Mae Hong Son and escape the crowds. The city features most greenish caves and waterfalls with outstanding trekking facilities. Also get a closer look at Thai, Karen, and Burmese culture at one place. It is going to be a fantastic experience of all!

8. The Elephant Nature Park

Have an unforgettable tour for animal lovers especially those who adore elephants. It is located in Chan Mai city. The most exciting history of this park is that it was built as the rehabilitation center for the abused, elderly, and injured Asian Elephants.

Besides the above mentioned destinations, Thailand has many places for those who like to travel to discover.

When to visit Thailand?

Thailand has a tropical monsoon climate and has four distinct seasons: dry season lasts from January to February, hot season from March to May, rainy season from June to October, cool season from November to December. Therefore, before going on your Thailand trip, you should notice about the weather so that you can enjoy your trip completely.

The ideal time to travel from Thailand is from November to February because during these months there is almost no rain and the weather is not too hot. This is also the time or place for many festive events. If you are interested in exploring and attending the festival in Thailand, come to Thailand in April to enjoy yourself in the bustling atmosphere of the Songkran Festival, the biggest festival of the year held on 13th-15th April to celebrate the new year.

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