Top 9 Nightlife Experiences In Ho Chi Minh City

If you have to spend only one night in Saigon, there would be so many different things. You will experience a roller coaster of emotions, only positive emotions, in only one night! Get ready and read the article to find out how you can change one night into one perfect adventure in Ho Chi Minh!

1. Ayutthaya Historical Park

This place reflects all about ancient traditions, temples, monuments and statues that date back to 1350. This city is situated in Thailand located 80km from Bangkok on North side. It was once a famous trading port and the capital of the Kingdom of Siam. The most surprising thing that makes this park unique is that it sits on a vast island between 3 rivers!

2. Chill Sky Bar Saigon

This stylish bar is situated in Saigon’s AB Tower on 25th floor. It has a special dress code which allows you to enjoy the music in a unique fashion. The DJ strikes the beat at about 22:00 and onwards throwing off chill music for the crowd. Snacks, cocktails and beers at half prices are availed as treats.

3. Rex Rooftop Garden

This lavish hotel sits on the 5th floor of Rex Hotel Saigon and entertains its customers in a very impressive fashion. It hosts Latina bands and salsa stage performances at the elevated stage and dance floor situated especially for the said purpose.

4. Glow Skybar Saigon

This bar gives off the vibes of beach club despite of its location. The expats immensely enjoy dozens of cocktails and the expansive views of the incredible city. The rooftop is stocked with plenty of black and white furnishing along with the beautiful tropical trees. When the DJ drops house music people start to chime in and sway to the beat.

5. Casino

You can hit casinos at night with your folks and play to get lucky right away! Now it may not look like Las Vegas but you can always have a good time, can’t you? The largest casinos of Saigon are located in the Caravelle Hotel and Sheraton Saigon Hotel.

6. Dinner Cruise

Now who wouldn’t want to spend an incredible romantic night on a leisurely cruise moving down the Saigon River? The Bonsai Dinner Cruise hosts live jazz performances and Vietnamese dance for expats along with Western and Vietnamese special feasts!

7. Ben Thanh Market

This is one of the busiest streets in Ho Chi Minh and people love to barge into this market because of its famous sea food, traditional apparels and every single thing this place has to offer. All these stalls lure customers into their den but beware, the prices take off a little too high!

8. Saigon Opera House

If you are looking forward to make your night extra special then don’t forget to stop by this beautifully designed Opera Housethat stands high in the center of city! It hosts classic as well as grand events including musical concerts, ballets, Vietnamese traditional dance and live theatre.

9. Apocalypse Now

This nightclub in Ho Chi Minh city is set up for two purposes mainly, to dance as much as you can with your friends and buy cheaper drinks while playing pool. This place might look a little small but it gets insanely crazy when the western music starts to kick in.

With the above experience, do you feel impressed? Ho Chi Minh City with the vitality of a young urban will never disappoint you. Book your tickets to Saigon now and get a chance to enjoy the night life that every one wishes to have!

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