What To Know About Cai Rang Floating Market

Among the eye-opening and the most exciting activities to do in Vietnam includes visiting floating markets in Mekong Delta, at the top of your bucket list. For travelers over the globe, the floating markets are something that leads them to explore the uniqueness of the region.

The well-known of all the floating markets of the region, the most fascinating and exotic one is the Cai Rang Floating market. Once you get to visit the largest floating market, you will not forget the hustle and bustle of these unique markets that you once embraced.

Mekong Delta – Vietnam and the floating markets:

The Mekong River is spread over a vast area, and with time, the locals have developed an excellent waterway transport system. Also, it was a smart way to attract tourists by the peculiarity of utilizing its most significant resource into a fascinating attraction like the floating markets. Not only the locals tend to earn my selling various goods, but they also bring wealth to the area by tourism.

Cai Rang Floating Market

The biggest and also most famous floating market of the Mekong Delta with its major fascination is the Cai Rang floating market. People from over the globe visit Vietnam and embrace the uniqueness of these markets.

This wholesale floating market usually starts very early, around 05:00 in the morning and runs until midday. To arrive at the incredible scene, you can either travel by road up to six kilometers from the central of Can Tho city or on the boat for thirty minutes.

The Charm and Indulgent Ambience:

Just imagine a beautiful scene, a serene vast water body, fresh air snuggling your senses and a backdrop of rising golden sun rays. Meanwhile, you see all sorts of vessels loaded with a variety of materials. Suddenly the fresh morning breeze starts bringing you sensational aromas of freshly brewed coffee and fresh fruits. That is all one could ever dream of!

Not only the picturesque scenery all around you changes as you paddle little forward but the variety of aromas entangling your senses also varies. The fragrance of fresh flowers of the region, right from the water seafood variety, a regional array of soups and other dishes and what else is left that cannot be enjoyed here?

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If you get lucky enough to have a visit, don’t forget to try coconut water, banh mi – a specialty of this country, freshly brewed coffee, bun rieu and the bowl of noodle soup. You will stare in awe and would not stop embracing smooth performances of traders juggling fruits and such immersed rustic lifestyle of the Vietnamese.

A Variety of Local Gastronomical Food

Among all the floating vendors, the most exciting experience is to dine in one of many floating restaurants. As the trading activities start early in the morning, you will get to enjoy a local variety of breakfast, made fresh and warm in front of you on the stove.

You should take a chance to taste incredible savory dishes including hu tieu (the chewy rice noodle soup served with slice pork), com tam (well cook broken rice served with grilled pork and fish sauce) , the bowl of noodles, bun rieu (another kind of rice noodle served with a special pie which is made of crab and egg) , pho and treat yourself with a cup of hot coffee. The flavorsome food here is incomparable, and once you try them, you would never forget these good taste of these local dishes. It is once in a blue moon.

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