Your Guide To Visiting Angkor Wat

Who does not wish to wake up in the earliest part of the morning only to find a thicker layer of fog on the beautiful streets of Angor Wat? Well, now I’m about to take you on a dreamy journey to the magical Angor Wat which is not only known for its significance as a “prized temple” but also holds importance for its outstanding beauty.

Visit Angkor Wat with Your Friends and Family

If you don’t want the hot weather or rainstorm to practically wreck your sense of traveling fashion I would recommend, that the best time to visit this showpiece is somewhat between November and February. This is the perfect time to visit this heavenly place with your folks and enjoy the temples and monuments that were built by King Suryavarman II in its very jungle. Archeologists believe that this ancient city was a typically civilized piece of land with a huge population that crossed over a million. It had been suggested that this city of Angkor itself, spread for about 400 kilometers making it the one of the largest industrial cities in the history.

However, archeologists still haven’t been able to speculate the reason behind its disappearance. The mystery about its people, empire and traditions remains unsolved.

What you need to know before visiting Angkor Wat?

Before you set a foot in Angkor Wat, you should keep in knowledge that there are some rules that must be followed. These rules include punctuality and dress code. Angkor Archeological Park opens from 5am to 6pm, so in order to get the chance to snap the perfect sunrise picture you must reach there between 5:30-6:00, and if you are lucky enough to get through the massive crowd and prepare your cameras in time, you might actually get a shot at taking THE PICTURE.

Now the dress code is a serious subject matter. The best you can do is pick light weight clothes that cover your shoulders and knees since you will be facing a lot of strong sunlight during the day. To avoid soreness and foot blisters, make sure to grab comfortable shoes. One more thing you should note down before visiting this marvelous place. Cambodia still has an unexploded ordnance, so when traveling you should not go out of the main trail. Keep in mind this and you will be safe!

Complete Your Checklist

Following are some of the places that you simply don’t want to miss when you visit Angkor Wat:

  1. The Angkor Temple. If you are fortunate enough to see this majestic temple at sunrise you will surprised by how much detail it could bring to your eyes.
  2. The Angkor Thom, also known as the Bayon Temple. It is a city built by the ruler Jayavarman VII and the Bayon temple resides in it. It is famous for its unique appearance that shows smiling faces protruding out of rocks to pay their respects.
  3. Ta Prohm Temple. This temple is located near the Angkor Thom. This temple was formerly constructed to be a university and monastery but somehow the jungle got in the way and after decades of losing this city this temple still managed to look like a piece of art.

If you really wish to visit this place then waste time no more and allow yourself to breathe for once. Angkor Wat is considered to be the most precious jewel of Cambodia. You will discover the beauty of unique temples with unforgettable experiences. So prepare your luggage and book your plane ticket to Angkor Wat right away. Believe me, you will never regret a visit to Angkor Wat because it doesn’t allow people to feel that way!

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