11 Important Things To Know Before Visiting BK Floating Market in Thailand

Millions of people visit Thailand every year and the number of visitors is growing continuously. Thailand is not only famous for its floating markets but also loved as “the land of smiles”. If you have a plan to travel to the land of smiles in the near future, you should know the basic things before you arrive there. Here are some important things that will definitely be helpful for you:

1. Best Time for Visiting BK Floating market in Thailand

BK Floating market

The rainy season in Thailand is from July till end of October. There are heavy rain showers in the rainy season but their duration is not too long. It is advisable to flock to Thailand between December and April if you want classic pictures.

2. List of Things to Bring

You do not need to take many things while traveling to Thailand. Just take your swimwear, sunscreen, flip flop and bug spray with you. If you forget anything, you can buy from Thailand easily.

3. Thai Weather

The weather in Thailand is not enormously hot. Breeze that always keeps blowing on the island keep you cool. The pleasing climate is one of the chief reasons to travel to Thailand.

4. Thai Culture

Thai Culture

Thai culture is amazing and one of the main reasons to travel to Thailand. The Thai food, the people, the lifestyle, the Buddhism, the magical islands and the inspiring temples make it worth seeing country.

5. Land of Temples

Beside floating market, Thailand is also a land of temples and there are so many temples only in Bangkok. The white temple in Chiang Rai or the ones at Ayutthaya are must see temples.

6. Buddha

Buddhism is the chief religion of Thailand and you will find many different Buddhas while visiting this country. White Buddha, standing Buddha, lying Buddha, golden Buddha and wooden Buddha are some Buddhas there. The most famous is the white Buddha in Phuket, wat Pho in Bangkok and the sitting Buddha in Koh Samui.

7. Beach Parties

Beach Parties

The beach parties in Thailand are far from classy but still huge fun. You will grab lifetime memories if you are with a group of friends. A trip to Thailand is a piecemeal without a beach party in Ko Phangan or in Koh Phi Phi.

8. Nightlife

The crazy nightlife is one of the reasons to visit Thailand. This country is always good for a night out.  Some islands throw beach parties every evening. The nightlife in Koh Phi and Koh Tao are among favorites.

9. Pool Parties

In Bangkok, there is a pool party every weekend. The high-energy type party is bursting with models and most beautiful people. You can charge your battery when you join this party.

10. BK Floating Markets

While in Thailand, visiting Bangkok is a must. And when you do, you can never say no to a visit to BK floating market. There are some good BK floating markets there, however, if you’re looking to visit only one, then visit Damnoen Saduak.

11. Budget Friendly Visit

Budget Friendly

The chief reason for the youngsters to travel to Thailand is that it is a budget friendly country. With a small budget, you can even afford luxury. Thailand is a country where the value of money is amazing. You can find hundreds of five-star hotels there and all of them are equally fantastic. You have to pay $100 per room for a night.

Thailand is a dream destination for those who want to learn more about Khmer Culture. Thailand is attractive not only for its diverse culture and wonderful architectures such as religious sites, royal palace, etc… but also for its modern service supply in cities like Bangkok, Pattaya, etc… . You may enjoy your trip with various activities from visiting ancient pagodas to experience different floating markets when in Thailand. You will never regret getting to know this place!

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