4 Things To Do In The Rainy Season In Thailand

Thailand is itself known as the Land of Smiles due to its alluring charm to many tourists from over the globe. When it comes to the rainy season, it may threaten too many people are visiting the land.

However, even in the rainy season, the land holds many fascinations that most of the people are unaware of.

What to Do in the Rainy Season in Thailand?

The sun-ridden beaches of the region with their noteworthy attraction are the significant tourist’s crowd attraction. In the rainy season during June and October here is the list of things that you can enjoy:

1. Chiang Mai Visit and Explorations

Chiang Mai is best known for its many trekking trails. However, during the rainy season, you can’t take a chance for trekking and hiking. Instead, you can explore the northern region that features a wide array of museums. Must visit museums here include the Chiang Mai Contemporary Art Museum, the Tribal Museum and the Chiang Mai National Museum.

Chiang Mai

Even if you are not interested in historical tours and visiting museums when it is raining outside, you can join local cooking classes. It will be more fun, and tasty adventure that you can have while learning to cook tom yum goong (spicy shrimp curry soup), pad Thai stir-fried Thai noodles) and a lot more gastronomical food items.

2. Explore Bangkok

Bangkok features the most epic sites of the region and offers heaven for art and natures lovers. On a rainy day, you can wander entire afternoon through cool cafes and various art galleries.


What about exploring the magnificent shopping centres? You can shop from luxury brands, and Siam Paragon and the MBK Center are must explore as these are the major shopping hot spots of the city.

Like Thailand, Bangkok is never short of fun and entertaining things. It offers almost everything for everyone. Like if you are not shopaholic and love exploring history, you can wander in the old towns or the museums. The Bangkok National Museum and the Royal Barges Museum are the most prominent one.

3. Become a Part of the Rainy Season Festival


One of the best things to enjoy here during the rainy reason is to become a part of the Rainy Season Festival. It includes a series of events and big cultural celebrations. As per the locality of various parts of the city, you can enjoy Phi Ta Kon Festival in Loei, the Buddhist holiday of Bun Luang and the Bun Bangfai Festival in Yasothon in eastern Thailand.

4. Exploring Temples and Museums

To have more out of the rainy days in Thailand, exploring the royal places of the region is the best idea. As there is a wide array of temples, historic sites and museums with magnificent charm, your time will be well spent.


Worthy places include the Grand Palace, the riverside Wat Pho, the attached Emerald Buddha Temple, the Siriraj Medical Museum and the Wat Indraviharn (Intharawihan) in Dusit. You should also checkout Wat Phra Ram and other temples in BK Ayutthaya. Once you are in BK Ayutthaya, don’t forget to the Ayuttaya Historical Park.

Being a tropical country, Thailand has its fair share of exotic tropical diseases. Malaria is generally not a problem in any of the major tourist destinations, but is endemic in rural areas along the borders with Cambodia (including Ko Chang in Trat Province), Laos and Myanmar. As is the case throughout South-East Asia, dengue fever can be encountered just about anywhere, including the most modern cities. So be careful with tropical disease when travelling. Have fun!

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