7 Bangkok Hidden Finds

Bangkok, the capital of the Golden Temple, is the convergence of traditional culture, modernity, cuisine, entertainment, shopping, shopping and entertainment. Thailand. If you are planning to travel to Bangkok and want to experience the full experience of Bangkok, do not miss this blog. Here, I will be listing a few things that most of the tourists don’t know about Bangkok. Everyone is familiar with the main attractions for tourists like Siam paragon, Siam city park and dream world etc. Now let’s highlight a few other amazing things that will surely make your trip worth a while.

1. Airplane Graveyard

Airplane Graveyard

Yes, you heard it right. It’s not a normal graveyard. It’s a place where old rusty airplane bodies exist. Did these planes crash land here? Or are these so old that they decided to keep them for others to witness history? I know, you all are curious to know what actually happened to these planes. So why not go there and check it out yourself? If you love planes just like I do then you will surely love this place.

2. Dine in the Dark

Dine in the Dark

Dine in the dark? I bet you all are wondering how could someone eat their food in the dark. The purpose of this place in Bangkok is to raise awareness about blindness and raise funds for the visually impaired. This restaurant has visually impaired staff hired. Dining here is an experience in its self.

3. Siriraj Medical Museum

Siriraj Medical Museum

This museum is also known as the “Museum of Death”. This museum is no ordinary museum, the name is not doing justice to the fact that how scary it actually is. If you go visit it, it will surely scare the hell out of you. In this museum, you will get to see a lot of oddities, rare diseases, children skeletons and fetuses etc. This museum also helps medical students with their studies. If I were you, I would not miss a chance visiting this scary but informative museum.

4. Ticket to Mystery

Ticket to Mystery

Ticket to mystery is an amazing escape game room, where you get to play different roles like being a detective, savior and time traveler. You will get 60 minutes to find your way out and solve mysteries and puzzles. This fun game is suitable for everyone.

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5. Tiger Temple

Tiger Temple

If you love animals then you are going to love this place. Here, you will get to see the tigers and their cubs. You will get to hold the baby cubs, and even feed them. And you can also take pictures with them. Sounds great, right?

6. Lady Boy Shows

Lady Boy Shows

Spend a fun filled night full of music with these amazing artists. They will captivate you with their amazing skills. You will be totally mesmerized by their dance moves.

7. Elephant Sanctuary

Elephant Sanctuary

Elephant sanctuary is one of a kind experience you will have in Bangkok. Here, you will get to see wildlife in their natural habitat and witness the glory of nature. You will get to see how elephants are taken care of. You can feed the elephants and even bathe them. Here, you will get all the information about how elephants are raised. Spending time with elephants will also make you realize how wrong elephant hunting is and how precious these animals are to us. So all the animal lovers out there, this place is for you.

With the diversity of architecture and cuisine, Bangkok has never disappointed its visitors. Only at a reasonable cost but you can get the opportunity to explore a country rich in culture. Why do not hesitate? Try it now and you will not regret!

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