7 Cheap Things To Do In Hanoi

Hanoi, despite being the capital of Vietnam, offers its full self in the most limited means than one can even imagine. Yes, that’s right, you can enjoy the capital fully without spending a lot of money. In order to do that, follow our instructions and you will be able to enjoy Hanoi at its best!

Cheap things to do in Hanoi

1. Hostels or Hotels

Hostels or Hotels

If you’re staying in Hanoi, then choose a hostel or a budget hotel as these come up with the most affordable prices as compare to proper five star ones. Five star hotels are available as well but if you wish to spend less then hostels or budget hotels are good to go. Also, you don’t have to worry about the lack of facilities, they offer you every comfort with the lack of extravaganza!

2. Street Strolling

Street Strolling

Although Hanoi is crazily buzzing with life, the only way to experience its true form is by strolling along the streets. You’ll see a face of Hanoi like never shown before. People busy in some activity, fresh and mouthwatering foods for sale along with cool antiques and crafts and much more.

3. Take a Stroll Towards the Lake

Take a Stroll Towards the Lake

Just a little away from city is the very famous turtle lake. The lake provides a relaxing scenic view of its shinning waters. People go there to avoid the bustle of city or to simply enjoy a relaxing evening. If you stay till the evening then the lake is illuminated with lights and sometimes soft music is played which gives the sense of a highly relaxed environment. Usually around evening the place becomes crowded with locals as well, all there to enjoy the serenity of lake and ice creams!

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4. Visit Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Visit Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

The entrance fee to this mausoleum is none. In other words, its free to enter but photography is prohibited. It is built in the memory of great Ho Uncle and his body is preserved there which you will be allowed to see. Also, it gives you an overview of the great Ho Chi Minh city so be sure to take some time out and visit.

5. Food, Food, Food

Food, Food, Food

At Hanoi, you can eat EVERYTHING!

Yes, we’re not kidding. You can eat everything and not worry about your expenditures. How to achieve this? Well time to step onto the streets again and eat all the vendors has to offer. The prices are relatively cheaper and you can enjoy a hearty meal which will satisfy you to your very core!

6. Tours with Students

Tours with Students

You can hire a group of students to give you a tour of the city. They charge very less and try to make their English better by this tour. However, they are so famous that you have to book them months before!

Hence book beforehand to avoid any mishaps.

7. Puppet Show

Last but not the least, enjoy the water puppet show for a very good price. Save this one for the last as it provides the ultimate ending to your trip. You have to book a ticket in the mornings if you wish to attend. We suggest you do though because this show is one of a kind and is a huge part of Vietnamese heritage!

Puppet Show

Hanoi is a city famous for its cultural beauty and history. This city deserves to be one of the most attractive destinations when you visit Vietnam. Explore Hanoi, you will have the opportunity to live in a cultural complex of Vietnam. The food, the places to visit, the historical sites, … all exude a very strange attraction that anyone who has gone through once want to visit the city again.

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