8 Unusual Things To Do In Siem Reap

Most tourists visit the amazing Siem Reap in Cambodia only to visit the Angkor Wat. But in the excitement, they only explore the Angkor Wat ruins and neglect the bountiful city that is full of unusual activities. Siem Reap has loads of restaurants, cafes, hanging spots, bars and day/night activities that you can tend to miss out. Below are some unusual and fun things which you can do in Siem Reap. Let’s find out!

1. Get a Fish Pedicure Done

The most exciting thing is to let fish chew the dead skin and dirt from your feet and make them clean and beautiful. The fish will wipe off all the dead skin from your feet and you will have a relaxing moment.

2. Taste the Exotic Fruits

Visit the old market and dwell on all the exotic fruits to your hearts’ content. Fruits taste different in different countries so make sure you do not miss out on passion fruits, dragon fruit, jackfruit, pineapples, mango, mangosteens, star-fruits, and watermelons. These are cheap and extremely delicious. Who knows you may get to taste some other exotic fruits as well.

3. Go See an Apsara Dance

One of the most enjoyable and unusual things to do in Siem Reap is to go watch an Apsara dance. This dance conveys a story in a traditional way and is very entertaining and beautiful. If you are into culture and traditions then surely this is for you.

4. Visit a Floating Village

There are many floating villages in Siem Reap. Visit one to see the lifestyle of the locals in a floating village. You will be fascinated to see the boats and small houses and the daily chores and practices of the locals in a floating village.

5. Get a Massage Done

The massage in Asia are usually considered to be the best and will take all your tiredness away. Surely it won’t be very unusual but definitely something very relaxing. You will find many cheap massage spas where there are expert massagers and you will have a calming and relaxing experience.

6. Visit the Circus

This is no ordinary circus but one which takes place daily at 8 pm. It consists of trained and qualified young artists which are from an NGO school. The purpose of this school is to pick up children from the streets and give meaning to their life. You will be awed by the performance and tricks of the artists and will surely be an amazing experience.

7. Visit the Pub Street

Pub Street is a famous place which hosts different cafes and eateries whether you are in for lunch, snack or dinner or just plain drink. You can walk along the streets and enjoy the different food stalls. At night the pub street comes alive as all the bars and nightclubs open.

8. Ride in Tuk-Tuk

Your visit will not be complete without a ride in a tuk-tuk. Although walking is a great option but the tuk-tuk is a whole new experience.

When speaking about Siem Reap, most people would think of an undeveloped countryside in Cambodia. You may think that there is not much fun activities to do in this ancient city. However, this thought is absolutely wrong if you have not tried the above activities, you will surely change your mind.

You will see a very different Seam Reap with good dishes, inexpensive stuffs, marvelous scenery and exciting activities. You would probably fall in love with this land and the warmth of its locals. Try and you won’t regret!

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