Bangkok Floating Markets History And Facts

When you hear about markets, the first thing that comes to your mind must be a proper setup such as an air-conditioned supermarket or a store. However, there are other types of markets and are mostly found in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia and these are called as floating markets.

BK floating markets are situated alongside the rivers and people shop there while sitting in a boat. In fact, there are vendors sitting in the boats too and everything that happens in the floating market is on a boat. Some of the famous BK floating markets in Thailand include the Damnoen Saduak, Amphawa, and Taling Chan.

History of Floating Markets

Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam are mostly attracted by tourists because of their floating markets where people can find souvenirs and delicious food to enjoy. However, in the past these areas were not the way they are now. Most of the communities in these countries, especially Thailand, were formed along the banks of the rivers and people used to travel from one place to another through rivers and canals. The Chao Phraya River that passes through Bangkok was the one where there were many riverside communities in the past. These riverside communities then gave rise to floating markets.

The floating markets started getting popular during 1350 to 1767 which was the Ayutthaya period. At that time the adjoining canals were used as trading centers. During the Rattanakosin period which was from 1782 to 1868, due to the construction of roads and rails some of the floating markets were closed because people preferred travelling by road. However, water was still a way of life in Thailand and before Bangkok was developed, people used to travel and sell their goods using the waterways. Even after the creation of roads, the waterways were a popular means of transportation and they were then renovated to form floating markets.


Facts About the Floating Markets

Floating markets possess amazing charisma and that’s the reason that not only locals but tourists from around the world visit these markets. Today the floating markets are full of life and are enjoyed by locals and tourists throughout the year. Following are some interesting facts and features related to the floating markets:

  1. Have you ever seen food vendors on boats? If not, you can see them in BK floating markets. These vendors sell desserts, drinks, quick meals, and many other delicious items.
  2. The surroundings of these markets comprise of traditional houses, riverside communities, trees, fresh markets, and long-tail boats.
  3. Another important feature of these floating markets is the souvenirs. You can buy some beautiful hand-made products and goods from these markets.
  4. Floating markets are famous for their mouth-watering foods such as grilled seafood, noodles, Pad Thai, Roasted prawns, crab legs, roti, Som Tum, and much more.
  5. The culture and vibe of the local communities is just amazing. The floating markets offer a nice and unique way to change your mood and experience the lives of the riverside communities. Also, the friendly people there are ready to serve and guide you so that you enjoy the liveliness there.

Floating markets help in the promotion of the heritage and the cultural characteristics of these marketplaces, which have been in existence since centuries. It also contributes to the Bangkok trading system. This local Thai floating market has all the usual trappings – fresh seafood, fruits, vegetables, meats, and a host of other finds. Whether you want to visit Amрhаwа, Dаmnоеn Sadauk, Khlong lаt Mауоn, Tаlіng Chаn аnd Bаng Nam Phuеng then this is the place to stay in Bangkok as a short boat ride will take you to these tourist attractions in only a few minutes. It is a great area to be located if you interested in the historic side of Bangkok.

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