Your Guide To Visiting Chao Phrom Market, BK Ayutthaya

Want to explore more of Thailand? Or maybe experience the best Thailand has to offer by being more local and less touristy? In case if you want either of these things, the Chao Phrom market in BK Ayutthaya is for you to visit and enjoy!

1. Specialty of Chao Phrom Market

To be very honest, there is nothing special about Chao Phrom market. It isn’t anything special but if you want a true sense of Thailand then it’s your place to be. From beautiful crafts and gift shops to amazing fresh food, this market offers all in abundance. What’s more is that you can mingle with the locals there and learn their ways. You can basically see Thailand from the eyes of a local while being a tourist. And the only way to do so is visit this enchanting yet mundane market.

2. Gift Shops

There are probably a dozen shops in this market all ranging from gift shops to full blown daily requirements shops. Whether it’s the local clothes or drapes, you can find them here. Local pure Thai handbags or the very famous amulets, it’s all available in the Chao Phrom market of BK Ayutthaya. Depending upon your interests, the place has a lot to offer but only if you’re interested in some handmade crafts and other such designs.

3. Food

This market is mainly famous for its food. The food isn’t anything special or different from the rest of Thai dishes but it is extremely fresh and made on site with locals sitting down to eat as well as tourists. One special thing is that this place offers HALAL food as well. If you’re a Muslim, then you can easily enjoy foods without panicking. The place has spicy curries, dishes, dips and much more available. You can practically see whole of South Asia here with the things being offered. So try as much food as you can and experience the best.

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4. Locals

One thing to enjoy about this BK Ayutthaya market is the locals. They come along and bargain with the shopkeepers or vendors. You can see them carrying their daily items and some simply sit down and enjoy the area as if they have never been to this place before. It’s a whole new experience. The most fun part is watching them sit next to you and eat the same food from the vendor as you bought and he made. It’s like a whole new life going on which you are a part of too. Over here it’s no longer, Thai and non-Thai rather it’s a group of people all ready to taste the best foods and buy the best things.

5. Other Cuisines

As already mentioned, you can not only enjoy Thai dishes but dishes from all over Asia. This includes Chinese and curries and blends of India and Pakistan as well as many more. Japanese dishes, fresh sea foods all are available here. In short you can get a glimpse of the relationship of Thailand with the rest of Asia and to say it’s remarkable would be an understatement!

Phrom Chao Market is located by the Pasak River on U-Thong Road. This market provides food, clothing, and necessities throughout the day at local shops and stalls. Besides, the food in this market is excellent and people also trade the quality clothing here. If you want to experience the full-Thailand- vibe markets, try visiting Chao Phrom market in BK Ayutthaya. I bet that it won’t make you disappointed.

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