6 Amazing Facts of Mekong Delta

The word Mekong means “mother of water”, and as per the name, it gives you an amazing, beautiful and fascinating scene of local rural life along its bank.

Here are a few exciting river facts about the Mekong Delta:

1. 12th Largest River

Mekong River of Mekong Delta is bigger than you think. It starts from the Plateau of Tibetan and ends at the South China Sea with the approximate 4,500 km away from its source/ originates place. It makes its way through many countries including Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar to China. It gives you a variety of local culture and verity of faiths along its bank.

2. Countless Different Names

Mekong is not restricted to one country as it touches many international borders and moves in many countries. Each one sees it through its way and gives it a name which exactly reflection of its characteristics. For instance, in China, it is named as the Lancing Jiang that means “turbulent river”.

At the same time in Thailand, it refers to Mea Kong meaning “Mother River”. Some other names of Mekong River are a big river, dragon Running River and the stream of stone. It would help if you did not confuse as these all the names of the same river.

In Vietnam, people don’t call this land “Mekong delta”, but they call “Nine dragons delta” because when the Mekong river comes to Vietnam, it divides into 2 small branches, then the 2 branches divide into 9 mouths going to the East Sea. Seeing on the map, people can realize that the river now looks like 9 dragons.

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3. The Tibetan Himalayas-Source

The snowballing of Tibetan Himalayas is the primary source of this vast river and makes its way into China’s Yunnan province of high mountains. Many small canals give its strength, but you will be surprised to see water increase adequately when it passes through the Golden Triangle.

4. The Source of Income for Natives

Mekong river flows into many countries, so it is also receiving a source of each region. More than 60 million people depended upon it. People used its water for cultivation and irrigation purpose; it is also a source of fishing which is major earning of local rural people lives along the bank of Mekong river. According to a survey of more than 2 million metric tons of fish, meat is obtained every year.

5. A Biological Treasure

Mekong Delta river and its banks are full of natural treasures. Hundreds of plants, mammals and fishes are found in its water which is unique and wasn’t unknown to the world before. The most icon species include the Siamese crocodile, Giant Catfish and Giant Ibis. The most famous Irrawaddy Dolphin species also found here. The forest along the side of the river has a variety of different beautiful birds and serves as a significant source of mammal’s life.

6. Natural Threats and Endangered Lives

The Mekong is just not a big river but also a source of providing earning to local peoples, but the overfishing, deforestation and hydroelectric projects may change its beauty and magnitude in the coming future.

These are all exciting river facts/ the most informative facts about the Mekong Delta river.

Malpighia glabra (red acerola) tropical fruits at local market in Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

Blessed with good climate, abundance of tropical fruits, sugar cane, coconuts and colorful flowers, along with relaxed atmosphere and generous and friendly local, the Mekong delta region has been an exotic paradise for visitors throughout the word and a cannot-be-missed destination in Southern Vietnam tours. Coming there, visitors are fascinated when observing lots of the activities in the area taking place on the vast waterways as well as most houses accessing to the river, not all of them to roads.

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