6 Best Khmer Pagodas In Mekong Delta

The most famous, best and historical chamber pagodas are situated in the Mekong Delta. Surely you will love to explore them all. Let’s check them out!

1. Vinh Trang Pagoda – The Perfect Picture of Buddhist Faith

With the fascinating blend of glamorous and jaw-dropping Asian and European architectures, Vinh Trang is one of the magnificent sites of the region. 3 kilometers away from My Tho city, Hue Dang initiated its construction, and it is standing there from 1849.

It offers the best place for the tourists who are interested to see and explore in the Buddhist faith, as everything of Vinh Trang fully represents the teaching of Buddhism. You will see many Buddhist statues in varying styles moreover, providing the perfect place for rest and claim due to its greenish scenery/view.

2. Bat Pagoda – The Bat Colonies

Awkward, unusual name, isn’t it? Bat Pagoda is named so because of numerous bat colonies inhabiting the old trees surrounding the pagoda. Built in the 16th century, it is merely 25km away from the famous city Soc Trang and is still is a significant attraction to the tourists over the globe as they feel their visit incomplete without touring bat pagoda.

People of Khmer are expert in playing great traditional music instrument Ngu Am at major events/festivals. It’s the perfect place to find a quiet moment of tranquility and escape the throngs of people milling the streets.

3. The Clay Pagoda – The Clay Reflection

Situated near the Soc Trang City, the clay pagoda is entirely made up of clay. It is indeed a masterpiece as no wooden pillars and panels have been used during the construction, and it is still standing with all of its glory from 200 years by now. Even now, everything seems to be in better shape and Buddhist statues are featured with incredible details.

4. The Cavern Pagoda

Cav pagoda-Phuoc Dien Tu is derived from the two names of a beautiful and famous pagoda. This temple due to its beautiful place and landscape attract travelers from all over the world. In the lower part of pagoda former head monk is buried. Here you will also see the most beautiful Buddhist icon present in the sanctuary.

5. Chen Kieu Pagoda – Buddhist History

One of the masterpieces representing the Buddhist history that you can’t afford to miss in Mekong Delta is located about 10 kilometers away from the Soc Trang City. The 16 gigantic pillars at the entrance of pagoda are fascinating as they are fully covered with Buddhist history engraved on them. Surely you will be amazed to see how ceramic is finally used in designing and making of the fantastic Chen Kieu.  

6. Kh’leang Pagoda – Art Combination

Visiting Kh’leang Pagoda will introduce you to the festoons with a beautiful blend of color, pattern and texture an ideal picture of the Khmer style. However, the most beautiful charm is that it is dipped and surrounded with palm trees which provide you immense pleasure and make you stress-free. It’s just an impeccable mind therapy. One of the many gifts of Mekong Delta!

With their beautiful combinations of ancient art and design with a way of information about faith Buddhism, these are all best Khmer Pagodas in Mekong Delta.

The Mekong Delta is a treasure trove of adventure. World-famous for its biodiversity, there are way more than seven sights to see, whether you’re into food and culture, architecture and history, or wildlife spotting. Just be sure to keep the camera ready because the Mekong Delta is a sensory overload to be sure.

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