8 Best Temples In Bangkok

Visiting Bangkok for the first time can be overwhelming, and planning a trip to this bustling city is a real challenge. Thailand’s capital is a mix of ancient culture, food paradise and shopping heaven, but to get it right is not that simple. After so many emails from readers asking us to help them planning a Bangkok itinerary, we decided to list the best travel tips for your first time in Bangkok: what to do and where to stay.

Here is a list of 8 best temples in Bangkok that you should visit.

1. Wat Arun

ALso as “Temple of Dawn”, it is situated on the bank of Phraya River. The temple consists of five towers and its distinctive shape entails a central Prang. The main prang is adorned with colorful porcelain pieces and ceramic tiles. As the temple gleams at sunset, the visitors bask in exploring this temple from every angle.

2. Wat Traimit

Wat Traimit, also known as Temple of the Golden Buddha is situated on China Town’s Yaowarat Road. This white and gold temple is famous not only for the beautiful architecture but also for the world’s largest gold seated statue. The statue is five-meter-high and weighs five and a half ton.

3. Wat Mahatat

It was made for royal ceremonies by king od Ayutthaya. There were only 9 other palaces of this high class. Now, it is a center of studying Buddhism. When you’re done visiting Wat Mahatat and the royalty of the place, get a taste of the massive amulet market opposite to the temple.

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4. Wat Phra Kaew

Wat Phra Kaew is also famous as “The Temple of the Emerald Buddha” and is lavish temple to explore.

What’s amazing about it is the Emerald Buddha that is carved into a block of Jade.

Another attraction is its gallery that is full of amazingly detailed mural paintings that tell Ramayana epic completely.

5. Wat Saket

How about a temple on a highly elevated hill? Wat Saket is a towering temple to visit.

Stairs much? Well, you have to go through 300 steps to finally each the peak of the temple and see the it requires three hundred steps to reach the top terrace and see the chedi containing a relic of Buddha. The path circles around the hill so you will be served with a lot of spectacles too on the way up.

6. Wat Pho

Wat Pho also famous as “The Temple of the Reclining Buddha” is one of the largest and oldest temples in Bangkok. It is popular for 46-meter-long and 15-meter-high Reclining Buddha. This amazing Buddha is very substantial thing of worship and stands next to the Grand Palace. The gilded Buddha has four-meter long feet covered with nacre decorations.

Buddha lovers, stand by! This temple has about 1,000 Buddha images. Moreover, it has history too as it has the first massage school too. After the visit of temple, you can relax by getting a massage here.

7. Wat Suthat

Wat Suthat is one of the oldest and most notable temples. It is famous for the red giant swing at its entrance.  It holds beautiful architecture, an elegant chapel, a great gallery with dozens of Buddha statues and stunning wall murals.  

8. Loha Prasat

Loha Prasat catch the eye due to its exceptional architecture. It is famous as” Metal Castle”. In Loha Prasat, beautiful archways overhang the interior. The repetitive prayer stools and red colored ironwork further enhance its splendor. Metal spires on the outside give the temple a gorgeous look.

For most people, Bangkok is the gateway into exploring the rest of Thailand and South East Asia. Bangkok is all a very popular stop over on round the world tickets, with plenty to stimulate the senses from street food to dance, to tuk tuks, floating markets and above all, the temples.

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