6 Best Ha Noi Travel Tips

Ha Noi is a busy, chaotic and noisy city which has many attractions for you. Apart from noisy and jam-packed roads, there are many calm and beautiful streets where you can wander around and explore different places.

Here are some basic tips you need to know about traveling in Ha Noi:

1. Don’t Miss Out Ha Noi’s Coffee

Ha Noi has a well-known coffee culture. There are coffees with variation, each of which has an exceptional taste. You could see many coffee shops all around the city, don’t get your day started without trying out Ha Noi’s world’s famous coffee.  

2. Walk Around the Old Quarter

Old quarter can be described as a maze of busy, chaotic and crowded narrow streets with lots of shops, bars, street venders, restaurants, temples etc. Most of the hotels and other main sights are in the Old quarter. You can grab a cup of coffee or a cone of an ice cream and walk around the streets of old quarter and explore every bit of it which would definitely be worth it.

3. Visit Hoan Kiem Lake

You would surely want to pay a visit to Hoan Kiem lake for relaxation and peace of your mind. Hoan Kiem lake is also located in the Old quarter. People usually come here with the food baskets and stuff and spend the weekend with their family in a peaceful and fresh environment. You can roam around the lake and admire the beauty it is surrounded with. You can also visit the temple with rests beside the lake known as Ngoc Son Pagoda.

4. Museum Visit is a Must

There is a notable number of museums in Ha Noi for you to visit. You will find different themes in every museum with a lot of valuable knowledge such as, some museums have history about Vietnam and their people, some tell about the contribution of their women in different areas while some show different ethical and cultural groups of the country.  

5. Try Out Some Massage Spas

After so much of walking and a long tiring day, get yourself relaxed by the experts in Ha Noi’s spas. You will be offered many treatments such as, saunas, hot bath, sipping tea and much more. Try out these massage spas and let the professionals help you throw all your tiredness away.

6. Try Every Food

Quality food with an amazing taste is the foremost priority of everyone. In Ha Noi, you can find a tremendous variety of food. There are food stalls available on the corner of every street, with small stools placed around for you to sit and eat. Try out everything there, from 5-star restaurant’s food to small street stall’s food. You will fall in love with their variation and taste of food.

Plan your trip correctly and visit all the main city’s sights. Take help for this travel guide and prevent yourself from missing out important locations or from wasting time in searching the best locations to visit.

The Bustling capital of Vietnam, Hanoi has for most part of its mordern history been the center of the french Indochina administration center. The Vietnamese government has done a much better job of conserving the city’s landscape and French colonial buildings, retaining its charm and beauty, compared to the other countries in the region where the consturction boom has seen many historic buildings torn down. Amidst of the flurry of motorbikes and throngs of tourists in the old quarters, there are surprisingly many nooks and crannies within Hanoi’s backstreets that will delight you.

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