7 Non-Touristy Things To Do In Bangkok City

Following are some of the things you can do apart from what usual tourist do.

1. Roaming Streets in the City

If you want to explore new places and something amazing, walking can be the best option. Roam the streets and pick a point to start your journey. Literally, you will find a lot of stories and places for Instagram stories. The outskirts of Bangkok or China Town can be the best options from where you can kick-start. With that, you will see many amazing places to spend time, restaurant and food points to enjoy typical local dishes and for shopping as well.

2. Search Shops and Food Markets

Many of you will love to enjoy the local dishes. Bangkok city is one of the most visited and written about tourism places in the world. You can expect to see a lot of amazing shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, other resorts and some place for shopping. You can better enjoy a city and vacations by exploring new venues to visit instead of visiting the old and common tourist spots.

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3. Thai Cooking Classes

If you are fond of cooking fond and learning new dishes, this can be the best non-touristy thing for you in Bangkok. Thai people have some of the most delicious and outstanding food dishes that are popular in other parts of the world as well. Spend some time in these classes and you will not be disappointed at all. With this, you will also learn about some best places to eat out in Thailand.

4. A Trip Out of Bangkok

Beauty of Thailand is not just limited to Bangkok city. If you have some time, we suggest you visit and experience the beauty of the city outskirt. Take a ride on a bicycle for just one day and you will be amazed. There are a number of worth-visiting places out there. Asian Institute of Technology, Samut Prakan and Nakhon Pathom are few locations you should visit.

5. Visit Unique Museums

We hope like most of the tourist, many of you will also be interested in understanding the history and culture of new places. Bangkok city and Thailand have their own unique history as well as culture that you can better learn about by visiting the historical and cultural places. There are a number of museums in Bangkok city that you can visit during your trip for fun and knowledge.

6. Explore Rivers and Canals

Areas along rivers are usually beautiful and worth visiting. Chao Phraya River is really popular in Bangkok city. It was used by the Thai people for travel and they used boats. It is connected to a number of smaller lakes and canals. Without help of any guide, you can explore the areas and places along the rivers and canals.

7. Go for Temples Experience

Temples in Bangkok city are considered common tourist places but there are a lot of other temples that people have still not visited. In the areas of Thonburi and Wutthakat you will find many amazing temples that are associated with religious groups. Just make your trip better with more people if they are interested so that you all can spend some great time together.

A lot of first time visitors aren’t quite sure what to expect when first arriving in the capital of exotic Thailand, and some may be disappointed by their first impressions on the way into town – endless high rise buildings, busy expressway flyovers and billboards of western companies advertising in English. Yet while Bangkok has undoubtedly embraced westernization and modernization, you only need to look a little under the surface to see that it remains undeniably a Thai place at heart.

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