7 Unusual Things To Do In Ha Noi

Ha Noi, the capital of Vietnam, has so many tourist attractions. If you search for things to do in Ha Noi, you would get a list of “must do’s” but that would be too mainstream for you to do. Try doing these weird and unusual things instead and make your trip more fun and worthier.

1. Release a Turtle for Good Luck

There are many stalls which are selling turtles at the West lake, Lingyin Temple. People believe that buying a turtle from there and releasing into the West lake would bring them good luck. This is one of unusual thing to do when you are in Ha Noi. You can also buy a turtle and release it into the lake and try your luck.

2. Wear an Ao dai

Beautiful long dresses worn by Vietnamese women on some special occasions are called Ao dai. If you want to get in to their look, you can buy an ao dai. They are being sold in almost every market in Ha Noi. Modern version of an ao dai is short and fitted dresses which are being worn by majority of the women nowadays.

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3. Ride a Motorbike Taxi

Motorbike taxis also known as, Xe om in Ha Noi gives much more adventure than a normal cab ride. You can get a Xe Om in reduced prices than a cab. You can also negotiate the price before taking the scooter taxi. Try biking around the local streets of Ha Noi or visit your destination on it rather than waiting so long for a boring cab to arrive and take you to places.

4. Try Drinking Alcoholic Pho

Trying out normal pho or drinking an alcoholic drink are too common. If you are in search of doing something unusual then what about trying out a mixture of both of these? There are some bars that sell alcoholic drinks that taste like a pho. It is an interesting drink and its preparation is way more interesting than its taste.

5. Check into a Cheap Hotel

Rather than staying in 5- or 7-star hotel try staying in a cheap hotel which provides better access to the market, cinema, food street, shopping malls and other attractive places. These hotels offer other services as well such as, laundry, breakfast and lunch facilities and much more. You should experience everything i.e. from 7-star hotels to a cheap hotel.

6. Enjoy Ha Noi’s Traffic with a View

Watching traffic with a view can help you pass your time with entertainment in Ha Noi. This is definitely one of the weirdest things to do. There are many places that offer views to busy roads. Grab your favorite drink and enjoy watching Ha Noi’s traffic.

7. Watch a Cock Fight

Another weird thing to do in Ha Noi is watching a cock fight. You can find them anywhere around the parks on a warm day and entertain yourself.

There is an endless list of things to experience in Ha Noi but trying out unusual and weirdest things can be more fun than the common ones. Try out following things and make your trip a little more enjoyable.

With more than a thousand years of history, Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, boasts an extensive must-see itinerary that reflects its many years as the country’s most important political center. You’ll find places in Hanoi that reflect the full breadth of the Vietnamese cultural and historical experience, from the country’s founding as a Chinese vassal state a thousand years in the past, to its liberation from French and American colonial powers in the 20th century, to its confident stride into the 21st.

Try to check all the list above and let us know by commenting below!

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