9 Amazing Things To Do In Ratchaburi Province (Including BK Floating Markets)

Just when you thought there was enough for you to do while visiting Ratchaburi, we have another list of amusing things you can do because you can never have enough of the Ratchaburi province

1. Take a Dip in the Streams

The hot streams of Bo Khlueng that are located near the Burmese order promises an amazing experience of serenity and tranquil. The water is so fresh and clean that just after a dip you will feel revived and revitalized. It is said that the water of the streams possess healing properties that draws many towards it.

2. Khao Ngu Adventure Park

Ratchaburi province is known for its tranquil and beauty that connect ancient to modern. But Khao Ngu Adventure Park is the world’s renowned most trilling adventure park. It is like none other you have ever seen. It has daring rides of which cables are connected from mountain to mountain. These rides certainly aren’t meant for the weak so this is just the place to visit to get your adrenaline rushing.

3. Chakri Monument Park

Chakri Monument Park is a public park open for everyone to visit and enjoy the calm in the ambiance. Many locals and foreigners alike visit Chakri Monument Park to pay respect to King Rama I. It is also said that one who pays genuine respect to the King is blessed with a warm family and betterment in government.

4. Visiting BK Floating Markets

How can you visit the province and not visit the biggest floating market in Bangkok – The Damnoen Saduak BK Floating Market. It is also called the Venice of Bangkok.

The Damnoen Saduak BK Floating Market has it all whether you’re looking for food, local artifacts, fancy things to do buy or a picturesque place with floating boats and river for your Instagram posts.

5. Queen Sirikit Forest Garden

The majestic forest of Queen Sirikit that stretches all the way across Tanaoisi mountain range is the ultimate paradise for every tourist. With variety of flowers and wildlife in sight everywhere, it is impossible to not fall in love with this place. It is place meant for hikers and travelers truly.

6. Zoo for Animal Lovers

Let’s be honest, zoo can get quite depressing sometimes seeing all the animals captured in cages and left for mockery, but at the foothills of Khao Prathap Chang is an open zoo. The zoo animals are donated in hopes that these animals will have better living conditions and saved from illegal animal trafficking.

7. Suntree Land of Dolls

As the name depicts it is in fact the land of dolls. The moment you step there in the Suntree Land you will feel as if you have stepped inside a fairy tale land. Huge teddy bears dressed in unique costumes and accessories are available for kids and adults alike to hug. After visiting this place your kids might translate it to paradise.

8. Take Pictures with The Tigers

There aren’t many zoos safe enough that will allow you to take pictures with the animals but Thailand is one place where there is no restriction. The friendly animals of Ratchaburi will allow you to scratch the goal off your bucket list that says “get a picture with a tiger”.  What better photo could you ask for?

9. The Blooms Orchid Park

Ratchaburi province has many beautiful parks and The Blooms Orchid Park likewise plays its role in enhancing Ratchaburi’s magnificence. This enchanting park is meant for flower enthusiasts as the collection of orchids spread over acres of land and is open for public all year round.

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