Tips On Visiting Bang Pa-In Royal Palace, Ayutthaya

Bang Pa-In Royal Palace has remained a popular spot for tourists in Ayutthaya. Millions of people visit Thailand and Bangkok every year and they try to visit other locations as well like Ayutthaya. This place is attributed to the old history and culture of Thailand and shows how great and majestic the previous rulers were.

1. Plan Your Trip

When it comes to visiting the palace, you need to have a plan for the trip to Ayutthaya. We have created this guide for the people who want to get complete guidance in order to make their trip worth enjoying.

2. Advance Booking

You should book your tickets and hotels in advance in Ayutthaya. When you are planning your trip, take care of the time. There are few months when most of the people are visiting Thailand and its cities. During that, you will not get any discounts and rates are a bit higher for everything. Even the tickets will cost you more than normal price.

After tickets, you will book the hotels in order to avoid issues. When you are about to check for hotels, do some research online. You will get so many great and affordable restaurants where you can stay during your visit to Thailand. These hotels are really good. They have reasonable rates. And sometimes even offer free pick and drop as well as breakfast to their customers.

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3. Find a Cheap Transport

When you reach there, you should avoid airport transport because that will be expensive. You can try and find a driver out of the airport. There will be a lot of people willing to offer you transport service to Ayutthaya even for your whole trip too. Talk to a nice guy and you will be able to negotiate the rates.

4. Buy Some Cheap Rooms

There are rooms for $5 and that is a dorm so you will enjoy your night at best. However, there are expensive restaurants as well where you will need more to live and stay. Try to enjoy if your hotel is offering free breakfast. For this, you will have to get up early and have the breakfast on time.

5. Get Help!

You can also get a tourist guide in Ayutthaya who will help you throughout your trip to Bang Pa-In Royal Palace. It is said that this palace was constructed in early 17th century. It faced a lot of attacks and intruders tried to invade it. It has suffered all this in the last three centuries. However, it still remains a great place in Thailand for a lot of new visitors and tourists.

When you are going to visit Bang Pa-In Royal Palace, ask your guide about what you will need, time, tickets, food and how to get there. There are some restrictions regarding dress. Like, you cannot wear just tights. They are not allowed and you will need something else to put on and enter the palace.

6. Food Management

Look for some local hotels where you can enjoy quality but affordable food near Bang Pa-In Palace, Ayutthaya. There are some delicious dishes available out there. Even you can eat at some local restaurants as well that offer local and international dishes to the visitors.

Ayutthaya has a total of six UNESCO World Heritage Sites, in addition to a few ruin structures, ancient pagodas and museums. To access the heritage sites, you are required to pay a fee. A one day pass for all the six UNESCO sites costs 220 Baht, or 50 Baht for each visit. You see, it is a quite reasonable price for a trip, right? So take your backpack and get to Ayutthaya right away! Why hesitate?

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