What Are The Best Night Markets In Siem Reap

The best part about vacation and traveling, after sightseeing, of course, is shopping and food. When you visit different countries and cities, you surely will want to try out their local cuisines and street food and see their lifestyles and buy local handicrafts and souvenirs.

Siem Reap in Cambodia is the hub of night markets. Night markets are also a source of earning for the locals and in these night markets you can surely meet and interact with many locals, eat what they eat and see how they live. These are the best night markets in Siem Reap, but before proceeding make sure to polish your bargaining skills as it will come in very handy.

1. Angkor Night Market

This market was founded in 2017 and despite having fierce competition, it still remains at the top. It consists of more than 200 huts selling everything that your mind can ever imagine. It is the preferred market for most tourists. Traditional Khmer attire can be purchased from here and also many different types of local handicrafts and many recycled items. There is a hut for a massage also inside. There are many stalls with many local delicacies and cheap drinks for you to enjoy. There is an island bar and also live music performances till the late hours.

2. Made in Cambodia Market

This market is held every Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday. Just as the name says, this market sells handicrafts and many items made by renowned local artisans to promote their skills and expertise. You will find paintings, carved figures, and statues in steel and brass, handicrafts, clothes, and many other items, this market is a little expensive than other markets but does not compromise on quality. The market is outlined by many restaurants and cafes offering numerous cuisines.

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3. Old Market (Phsar Chas)

This is the oldest market of Siem Reap. Locals flock here in the early morning hours to purchase fresh groceries, meat and fruit. You will all sorts of cheap shopping here which includes, clothes, bags, handicrafts, décor items, electronics, paintings, statues, sculptures, historical and cultural books, canned foods, jewelry, shoes, and souvenirs. If you are hungry then go towards the center to try authentic Cambodian delicacies.

4. Noon Night Market

The noon night market is just down the road from the Angkor market, but it is smaller. The market is outlined with beautiful silk lamps and fans to help combat the heat. It consists of around 100 stalls selling many different types of things such as clothes, jewelry, and silver. Ornaments, handicrafts and many other things. After strolling and shopping you can visit the massage spot and can have a traditional Khmer massage with imported booze and cocktails at the bar.

5. Angkor Handicraft Association

This is not your usual night market but surely worth a visit. There are 20 stalls selling amazing local different types of handicrafts. The best part is that there are 12 different types of activities which you can take part in such as coconut carving, flute making classes, statue carving, clay pottery, and palm leaf weaving.

As the sun sets upon the magnificent Angkor temples, the party in Siem Reap city begins. Nightlife in the iconic Kingdom of Wonder offers an alluring variety of pubs, clubs, cocktail bars, and everything in between. The Siem Reap nightlife scene offers an abundance of options for all types of travelers for a fun night out in South East Asia. Food, drinks, and music come along. The shining buildings coupled with unrivaled ambiance and soothing music let you revel in like never before.

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