What Are The Most Unusual Things To Do In Bangkok City?

The capital city of Thailand and maybe the traffic jam capital of the planet, Bangkok is a fascinating, exciting and incredible city to visit. Like many other capital cities Bangkok never goes to sleep, there is always a hive of activity as people work around the clock in their various professions. The capital of Thailand also has many hidden and less obvious things to do and see. Here are some of the unusual things you can do in Bangkok city.

1. Siriraj Medical Museum

This medical museum in Bangkok city is one of the unusual places you can visit there. It has bones, preserved organs, pathological fetuses, the mummified corpse of a notorious serial killer, poisonous snakes and tarantulas, rows of skulls, the standing wax-filled remains of a cannibal, a delicately dissected nervous system, and the skeleton of the museum’s founder.

2. Bangkok’s Ghost Tower

This Ghost tower in Bangkok city is almost 50 years old and has been attracting people who want to do unusual things in the city. During the 1997 Financial Crisis, many buildings and towers were abandoned by the developers and owners. Many have been reconstructed and rebuilt but this still remains the same.

3. Amulet Market

As the name implies, here you will see thousands of amulets in the market. People visit this place and try to find some amulets for them that can do tricks. You will find a lot of items on sale and there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to buying amulets from the market. Don’t go alone there, try to bring someone with you.

4. Airplane Graveyard

This could be a pretty good as well as unusual place to visit in Bangkok. The airplane graveyard has all the expired, broken, and damaged airplanes. It is owned by a businessman who sells the parts and machinery of airplanes. It also includes some of the oldest airplane and those as well that faced crashing and accidents.

5. Papaya Studio

If you love vintage items and articles, this place will be best for you to visit in Bangkok city. A man has been collecting vintage Scandinavian designer furniture, creepy mannequin dolls, Chinese porcelain, retro racing bikes, life-size action hero figures for past 25 years. This studio is really surprising and one of the coolest places to visit.

6. Counterfeit Goods Museum

This is another museum that is a great place to visit in Bangkok city. People come here and enjoy good time. You will see a lot of things here collected from different stores and places. The items placed here are not old or traditional but they are found everywhere. But the place has become a great tourist attraction because you will also see many items that are not in use these days.

7. The Leather Work

Many people like to go shopping in the Bangkok city. They try to find something of great quality so that they can remember they visited Bangkok. If you love leather items and goods, this huge mall will be really surprising for you. Here you can find thousands of leather products with the skin of exotic animals. It sells eye-catching leather jackets, purses, and shoes.

8. Democracy Monument

In the center of the city, Bangkok, you can visit the Democracy Monument. It shows the thrilling and misleading story of the Siamese Revolution of 1932. The place is quite amazing and wide as well. You can spend some quality time here but make sure you visit in some good weather conditions to enjoy its beauty and memories.

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