What To Do In Siem Reap Other Than Visiting Temples

The city of Siem Reap in Cambodia is the house of world-famous temples. The temples are breathtakingly beautiful and some people visit Siem Reap just to see the temples. All the temples can take up your week for sure. No doubt, the places of worship are sacred and stand in the first place, but Siem Reap is a wonderful destination in its own. If you visit Siem Reap and are tired of visiting temples, then here is a list of fun things which you can do and visit some amazing places in the city.

1. See the Phare Cambodian Circus

This was initially started off as drawing classes by 9 Cambodian men who returned from a refugee camp after the fall of the Khmer Empire. Now it is a school which consists of 1200 plus students. The Cambodian men perform amazing shows, theatre plays regarding the Cambodian culture, history and different folktales, music, dance, and circus to entertain the audience. It is an amazing and enjoyable show and it’s better to book and reserve a seat for a better and clear view.

2. Visit the Local Market

When you visit Siem Reap, then you should definitely visit their local market to know their way of life and their culture. This place is situated in the center of the city and you will find all sorts of local and fresh groceries over here. It is a place where locals come to shop, eat and socialize with each other and you will not find many tourists over here. You will find women sitting on top cutting fresh meat and seafood for you. You can also try some local food here and if you visit on weekends then you will find many local and cheap handicrafts to take back home.

3. The Angkor National Museum

If you are a person interested in history and culture then you should definitely visit the museum. You will find amazing cultural arts and architecture and the rise and fall of the Khmers and many monuments and historical figures, paintings and carvings.

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4. Ride Along a Floating Village

This is a great opportunity to visit a village that is floating on water, how they go about their lifestyles daily. Even their shops are floating. There are many floating villages. Research well and visit the nearest 2 to 3 villages. Some villages are quite touristy while some have a bad reputation so ask around and then proceed.

5. Ride a Bike or Go Horse-Riding

Riding a bike or cycling is a great activity in Cambodia. You can visit many beautiful naturist spots of the city hidden from the main center. Tourists love this activity and can go exploring many areas and see the rice cultivation fields, mountains, some smaller temples and just interact with nature and eat fresh fruit directly from the farms. Horse riding is also a famous activity which you can enjoy and also explore.

6. Spend Some Quite Time In A Do-Good Coffee Shop

Spending some quiet time in a do-good coffee shop is a nice thing to do while waiting for a red eye flight. My friends and I spent our last few hours in Cambodia last year in a coffee shop called New Leaf Book Cafe. If you identify yourself as a book lover, then this place is your paradise. It’s a quiet place in the heart of bustling Siem Reap. Enjoy a glass of iced Cambodian coffee while reading books donated to the coffee shop. And their profit goes to community projects in the province. They serve light meals, and the service is excellent. They also have wi-fi and power outlets where you can charge your smartphones and power banks while waiting for your flight.

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