5 Top-Rated Places For Christmas And New Year Shopping In Bangkok

When it is Christmas and New Year planning then shopping is a must part to celebrate your happiness. All decorations and lightening leading to a happy celebration with your friends and family requires pre-planning and making a shopping list. I bet your celebrations will be doubled when you shop from Bangkok to make your events really special. Below are the few markets from where you can shop your best to make your festivals extraordinary special.

1. Chatuchak Weekend Market

This market was initiated in 1950s, grown into the biggest market of Bangkok and of Thailand and it will definitely fascinate you with the everything there is to buy there.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Plus, the rates are surprisingly so cheap that you would just like to buy everything in one go. You can buy antiques, Christmas decoration items, souvenirs, gifts, clothing, plants and much more along with some delicious foods and beverages to keep you energized throughout the market trip. If there is one place you have to select for Christmas and New Year shopping in Bangkok, Chatuchak weekend market is the one you would like to choose.

2. Great Gatsby Christmas Market

Great Gatsby Christmas Market

It is a kind of outdoor annual market, themed as 1920s American Gatsby style which is set up for just few days prior to festivals and holidays. This market has around 150 stalls with different products, food and drinks stalls, activities and games for visitors making it a perfect package for Christmas and New year shopping with your friends and family. You will find some really unique and pretty accessories, decoration items, clothing and artisan goods here to celebrate your festivals with over joy. So, say hi to The Great Gatsby when in Bangkok.

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3. Sansiri Winter Market

Sansiri Winter Market

There is another market to stop by when roaming Bangkok for your New Year and Christmas shopping and it is Sansiri Winter Market. But must remember that it is only hosted for any one or two weekends in December so plan your visit accordingly to have some unique shopping for New Year and Christmas. It is an open-air place with all the arts and crafts on display to give you surprisingly amazing ideas for festivals celebration. You will also find some pretty and traditional clothing stalls to shop for friends and family as a Christmas gift. Also, you will find numerous food stalls and artisan vendors providing truly home-made food while you can leave your kids at play area so you can freely wander around the market.

4. Terminal 21

Terminal 21

Ever heard of all world under one roof? Well yeah, it sounds like a joke but it is actually a reality you will see in Bangkok. Terminal 21 is a new addition in shopping malls but it is not any kind of ordinary malls as each floor is named and themed after some different parts of the world. You can just travel from Tokyo to London by riding up an escalator in no time while also enjoying their beautiful insights and the local products. You will be amazed with the crazy sales and discounts on Christmas and New Year to make your festivals extraordinarily joyful. You will find variety of brand chains there with local Thai shops as well to explore more about the world. You can buy everything here from clothing and personal accessories to some unique gifts for your friends and family.

5. Floating Markets

Floating Markets

Though not something like a shopping mall, but these floating markets in Bangkok have their own flavor. You can buy local items that are cheap and many of them have a souvenir value. DO check these floating markets out.


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